Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Using PowerPoint Effectively - Part One

PowerPoint continues to become a more important tool in preaching. The Barna Group reports that 6 out of 10 Protestant congregations today use projection. While it still may not be quite that prevelent in the Lord's church, it is an up and coming tool no doubt. The greatest problem facing preachers in using this new tool is that they have never been trained in visual presentation. They may be great speakers and know God's word hands down, but when they step into the area of presenting those ideas visually they falter. Let's admit it....there is some really BAD PowerPoint going on out there! Bad presentations disctract the audience and sometimes even the preacher.

Last year, at the Bear Valley Bible Institute Homecoming Lectures I presented a 3-part series on "Using PowerPoint Effectively." These files are available through podcast from the Bear Valley site, but I am re-podcasting them here for convenience.

I would appreciate any feedback that you would like to give on this subject. While this can be a powerful tool for presenting the Gospel, we need to learn new skills to do it well. I hope that you find these presentations helpful.

Using PowerPoint Effectively - Part 1 (originally podcast in Sept 2005)

Using PowerPoint Effectively - Part 2

Using PowerPoint Effectively - Part 3

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