Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Logos Bible software tip: Smart Tags for MS Word

If you are a Logos Bible software user and you use MS Word there is a tool that you should know about. MS Word 2002 or higher utilizes “Smart Tags” as a way of identifying types of text such as phone numbers, zip codes, dates, etc… and then allows a user to perform various actions on it. Logos has an add-in that makes use of these tags to link your Word documents with your electronic Bibles. Logos Smart Tags identify Bible verses when they are typed and allow you to perform various actions on the verse entered. For example, if you type: Gen 1:1 you can then choose to open your Logos Bible to that reference or even replace the text you typed with the actual verse text from your Logos software. This can be a very powerful combination of tools while doing any writing that includes Bible texts and references. You can download the Logos Smart Tags from the Logos site at http://www.logos.com/support/article/530. This tool has saved me hours of time and is worth the download – by the way….did I mention it was FREE! Check it out.

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