Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Five Ideas for Using Twitter for Church Communication

I ran across this article online today and thought I would pass it along. I agree with the comment regarding the details we should provide regarding prayer requests, but overall I like the content that he suggests we drive with Twitter.

Here are five great Twitter ideas you can use for your church communication efforts:

  • Celebrations: Every time a person dedicates their life to Jesus, gets married in the church, or does something awesome you can tell the world and you church members about it!
  • Prayer: While you may want to be careful on what details you provide, you can ask your Twitter followers to pray for a specific need or person — or just offer a short daily prayer people can read and feel energized by.
  • Events: You can easily keep your congregation or church members informed of planned gatherings (or even spontaneous get together’s) by sending Twitter updates — or why not use it to invite people to church in a non-threatening way?
  • Sermons or Message: Why not drop a link into your conversation and let people know you have a new sermon or message uploaded so they can listen or watch if they missed it?
  • Community Dialogue: People in your community will probably be on Twitter and you can begin conversations on pressing needs in your town, schools, or other churches. You can discuss social issues to religion to sports…all great things for building trust and building your church “brand”.

link: 5 Great Twitter Ideas for Church Communications :: Church Communications Pro | Church Marketing | Church Web Design

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Anonymous said...

I began using a twitter account for our church as a means to drive information about services etc. to people.

Also wanting to give them something to watch for I post a daily Bible trivia questions. The more I posted the more I wanted to try and connect with our followers so I attempt to post at least 4-5 times daily.

I've taken a bold step in the use of twitter at our church recently. I run the sound and video during the services and since I sit at the back of the auditorium I began a few weeks ago to tweet the sermon points during the message and anything else that I feel made a point with me. I use a laptop with a wireless connection and it actually has helped me pay closer attention to the message.

I know many of those that follow us are not in church so I'm hoping to give them something to think about. http://twitter.com/libertycc