Monday, January 12, 2009

Ministry Tech class - midterm help

For those of you wise enough to be checking this blog on a regular basis, I have a holiday gift for you. The following are some tips, tricks and subjects that you will find on the mid-term exam to be given on Wednesday, Jan. 14 as a take home test. It will be due back to me by Monday, January 19. While I have not given you the answers here, I have given you a great head start in your studying for the test. I have provided links to training videos from Logos on some topics that might be helpful. Most of these training videos are only 2-5 minutes long and should provide excellent review. You might even learn something that I didn't cover.

  1. Review creating (or opening already created) Vocabulary lists and how to sort them by word frequency.
  2. Review how to create a Bible Reading Plan for a specific period of time (like a 13 week Bible class quarter for example).
  3. Understand the difference between Visual Filters and Visual Markup Styles (found in the View menu).
  4. Be sure to review how to run a Passage Guide and what is found in it.
  5. Be sure to review how to run an Exegetical Guide and what is found in it, especially in the word by word section. Remember that you can click on the small bar chart for each word to see more charts (you will need this).
  6. Be sure to review how to run a Bible Word Study for BOTH English words and Greek words. Pay special attention to the Translation section of the report for Greek words and what it tells you. Also, note that you can run a Greek Bible Word Study from an English Bible Word Study from within the Greek Root section of the report (hint: click and/or double click on Greek words that show up in this section of the report and see what they do.)
  7. Review the Basic Search (under the Search menu) and practice searching the Early Church Fathers collection we created for words or phrases.
  8. Review the Bible Search. Practice searching for individual words, multiple word phrases, and any combination of the two. Also be sure to limit your searches to specific sections, books or groups of books.
Check back...I will add more soon.


James Coker said...

Thank you for this, it will be very helpful! (I think)

Eric Ramseur said...

I'm sure