Monday, January 08, 2007

Significant percentage of online teens use social networks....

An interesting statistic was just released regarding teen use of social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, etc...

More than half (55%) of all online American youths ages 12-17 use online social networking sites, according to a new national survey of teenagers conducted by the Pew Internet American Life Project.

The report goes on to say:

...older teens, particularly girls, are more
likely to use these sites. For girls, social networking sites are
primarily places to reinforce pre-existing friendships; for boys, the
networks also provide opportunities for flirting and making new friends.

Tens of millions of these teenagers are using these sites and a significant number of parents don't even know what these sites are or why they have such an attraction to our nation's young people. As parents we need to educate ourselves to what is going on on the Internet.

You can read more of this report here.

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