Monday, November 20, 2006

Some interesting stats to ponder...

I found some interesting statistics recently in an article by Walt Wilson in Christian Computer Magazine. The article is entitled, "Web 2.0 - The Second Generation Revolution is Underway" and talks mostly about the new revival of web start-ups and technologies. The interesting part to me, is the stats at the end of the article. The stats were acquired from Facts and Faith Newsletter.
- 27% of ALL U.S. churches make no use of the Internet
- 12% of Protestant pastors never use the Internet
- 94% of church websites are inwardly focused
- Only 46% of churches provide staff e-mail
- Only 23% of churches make use of e-mail prayer chains
- Only 18% have an e-mail newsletter
- Only 2% of U.S. churches offer a way to donate online
- 0% report using social networking software

While some of these numbers shouldn't completely surprise anyone - they should open our eyes to the opportunity to make use of these tools. We need to understand the generation that is coming behind us and reach out with the technology available.

I thought the most interesting stat was that "94% of church websites are inward focused" - that needs to change. The church is about reaching out - we need to be thinking about getting the gospel to others as must as posting a notice on when the next potluck is.

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